Movies that released in 2014

  • Best Film (Tamil): Jigarthanda
  • Best Film (Telugu): Manam
  • Second Best Film (Telugu): 1: Nenokkadine
  • Best Action Film: Action Jackson
  • Best Star Cast: Yevadu
  • Best Comedian: Brahmanandam in Race Gurram
  • Best Song: “Engae Pogudho Vaanam” by A. R. Rahman from Kochadaiiyaan
  • Funniest Joke: Bunny in Govindudu Andarivadele
  • Funniest Occasion: Best Couple Competition in Brahma
  • Best Special Effects: the elephants in Lingaa – if they really aren’t real
  • Superbest Subtitlist: Rekhs in Lingaa, particularly in the song “Mona Gasolina”
  • Best Cinema Experience: the Finnish Lingaa premiere in Helsinki on 12.12.2014
  • Most Times Watched in 2014: Kochadaiiyaan (4)
  • Worst Fail: Lotus Five Star for releasing Jigarthanda DVD without subtitles

Older movies that I watched in 2014

  • Most Entertaining Drama Film: Moondru Mudichu (1976)
  • Most Entertaining Gangster Film: Billa (2009)
  • Most Entertaining Science Fiction Film: Love Story 2050 (2008)
  • Most Entertaining Thriller Film: Anniyan (2005)
  • Most WTF Moments: Upendra (1999)
  • Strongest Hero: Jr. NTR in Baadshah (2013) for throwing four cars about 15 meters high with a single kick from 25 meters away
  • Scariest Supporting Character: Uncle Limu (Anupam Kher) from Aabra Ka Daabra (2004)
  • Cheesiest Line: “Oh my God, is that your gun? Can I hold it, please?” by Mala (Priyanka Chopra) from Zanjeer (2013)

Edit (Nov 19 & Dec 5, 2015): added more award categories for 2014 movies that I’ve seen later.

MPCC-Most_Miraculous_Midwife copy

There are some memorable childbirth scenes in Indian cinema, like in Enthiran (2010) or in Sudigadu (2012), but the most miraculous midwife of them all is definitely the Real Star of Telugu cinema.

MPCC Award for the Most Miraculous Midwife goes to Srihari for the following scene from the 2010 Telugu movie Bhairava.

Srihari saves a pregnant lady, calms down the unborn child with his trademark babble, and beats up some bad guys. Giving birth is quick and easy if there is Srihari protecting you and giving instructions. PUSH I SAY!


The last Mega Power Chit-Chat Film Award was for the mightiest moustache. Moustaches and beards are very common in Indian movies and shaving them off is not something the characters would do every day. But when they do, some do it more stylishly than the others.

MPCC Award for the Most Stylish Shaving goes to Vikram for the removal of his facial hair in the 2015 Tamil movie I. The event takes place in the song “Aila Aila”.

Now that I have a new movie blog, I felt that there should be a way to celebrate the greatest and most memorable achievements that I’ll come across during my adventures in the exciting world of Indian cinema. This is the first episode of Mega Power Chit-Chat Film Awards!


Indian cinema is known for its moustaches. Usually the size of a man’s moustache seems to tell something about his status in the society – the biggest moustaches can only be found on the faces of the most powerful leaders.

MPCC Award for the Mightiest Moustache goes to Nassar for his enormous whiskers in the 2012 Telugu movie Dhammu. Congratulations! Even the bad guys do not always have moustaches this big. It does not look very practical, though.