The availability of South Indian movie-related merchandise has been almost nonexistent at least online (I’m not sure what the situation is in India). One of my bad habits is that I’m quite a materialist and like to have items that are somehow connected to things like movies or stories that are important to me. Even posters of the southern films seem to be very rare.

Availability of t-shirts hasn’t been much better than of posters. The super-epic Kochadaiiyaan t-shirt was never available. The website of the Japanese official Eega/Makkhi t-shirt wasn’t very foreigner-friendly. And on top of that, while not really an official movie merchandise, the famous pink panda shirt (known from at least Magadheera and Orange) appears to be sold out!

However, now the most awaited movie of 2015, Baahubali, has took the first step to the right direction to fix the problem. Their official shirts and hoodies are sold by an online store called Whoz High and they can be bought at


The collection includes t-shirts as well as some other types of shirts and hoodies. I would like to have also a Baahubali t-shirt but I chose to order only hoodies because I didn’t like the designs of the big horse and the lion that much, and hoodies were [at the time of the order] the only type of clothing that came with Prabhas’ epic logo from the movie’s teaser pictures.

I have no idea about the average price level of Indian clothes but INR 799 didn’t feel too expensive for a hoodie so I ordered one in both colors, “Bombay Black” and “Kasol Blue”. Unfortunately the shipping cost to Finland almost doubled the price but I didn’t let that stop me as this was so unique opportunity. The ordering system at the website doesn’t support international orders at the moment but their website gives instructions how to order by email.

baahubali-hoodies The color difference can be seen only in very bright lighting conditions.


I really wanted the blue one because I already have too many black clothes. Unfortunately, in reality the blue hoodie is much darker than in the pictures, so at first I thought I got two black hoodies. The color difference can be only seen in very bright lighting conditions (like in the flashlight of a camera) – in normal lighting they were almost identical. It’s nothing serious, but it would be nice to have more difference in the colors if there are only two colors available. However, I have been very happy with the black one and I’ve used it regularly. I hope it won’t be completely worn out when Baahubali comes into theaters!

I recently purchased the “premium pack” edition of A. R. Rahman’s awesomely epic Kochadaiiyaan soundtrack album from Amazon. Their description of the product is only the following:

Fully Boxed and Sealed Original Tamil Audio CD Premium PACK Contains the Following. 1 Audio CD OF KOCHADAIIYAAN 2. MP3 Hits of A.R.Rahman. 3. Kochadiyaan T- SHIRT

They do not tell anything about the shirt or what are “Hits of A.R. Rahman,” so I decided to find out as it wasn’t too much more expensive than the T-shirtless edition of the soundtrack. Previously I had seen pictures only of this shirt which would have been nice, but unfortunately this was a simpler one. As the official product descriptions are quite poor, I photographed the contents of the package for the case that someone else is wondering which edition would be the most appropriate to buy.

Everything was in a box that got little crumpled in the mail.

The CDs are packed in a case that is the same size than most of the South Indian DVD cases.

The soundtrack and “Hits of A.R. Rahman” are on separate CDs.

The shirt is just a common white T-shirt with black text “Superstar Rajinikanth / Kochadaiiyaan / The Legend.” No wonder it wasn’t very expensive. The shirt’s size is M so it is a little too small for me, but as the graphics are so simple, it might be easy enough to print the same text on a larger white shirt.

There is also a Tamil advertisement of Thor 2 and some other Hollywood movies.

“Hits of A.R. Rahman” includes the following 30 songs. I hadn’t heard about any of them before. They seem to be from Tamil films of 2000s and 2010s but nothing from Sivaji or Enthiran.

  1. Innum Konjam Naeram
  2. Moongil Thottam
  3. Naetru Aval Irundhal
  4. Nenjukkule
  5. Unnaal Unnaal
  6. Yenga Pona Raasa
  7. Oliyaaga Vandhaai
  8. Nenjae Yezhu
  9. Hosanna
  10. Adiye
  11. Omana Penne
  12. Usure pogudhey
  13. Parakka Seivaai
  14. Mannipaaya
  15. Marudaani
  16. Aaruyirae
  17. Nenjam Ellam
  18. Sonnalum
  19. Sandai Kozhi
  20. Nanare
  21. Hey Goodbye Nanba
  22. Veera
  23. Mayya Mayya
  24. Yaakkai Thiri
  25. Taxi Taxi
  26. Kannukkul Kannai
  27. Ambikapathy
  28. Sonapareeya
  29. Elay Keechan
  30. Kadal Raasa Naan