Thanks to Review Raja, today I discovered a very interesting upcoming Tamil movie, Puli, which I somehow hadn’t heard about before. The main role is played by Vijay who I really don’t know as well as I should, but the supporting cast includes some very big names (at least big for me, if not officially big names), like Sridevi, Sudeep (!), Prabhu, Shruti Haasan, and Hansika Motwani. The teaser trailer released just today.

The teaser of the most ever awaited S. S. Rajamouli’s epic Baahubali: The Beginning has been released! Full trailer will release on June 1. Unfortunately the apparently spectacular 1-crore audio launch function was postponed but it too will most probably happen very soon. I hope there will be a YouTube live stream available as it has been quite common thing for the audio release events of big budget Telugu (but for some reason not Tamil) films.

I think I saw some similarities to Rajamouli’s Magadheera. I wonder if Prabhas will defeat more than 100 men.


The official trailer of Rudhramadevi is finally here!

Rudhramadevi, directed by Gunasekhar, is currently the second most awaited Telugu film (at least for me). It has a huge budget and its star cast is full of big names like Anushka, Rana, Allu Arjun, Krishnam Raju, Prakash Raj, Cathrine Tresa and Nithya Menen (and Ajay!!!).

The trailer has some funny moments and the costumes look great. However, the visual effects are quite disappointing considering the high budget. (Just look at the sword’s glowing outline in the picture below.) The trailer somewhat reminds me of the 2014 Tamil animation film Kochadaiiyaan which was widely criticized for poor visual effects. Rudhramadevi still is a must-watch movie, but the story must be really extraordinary if it’s going to survive multiple watchings.


Many of the South Indian cinema fans probably already know S. S. Rajamouli’s Magadheera (2009) which was one of the most successful Telugu movies ever and maybe the best one I have ever seen. There has been much talk about a possible Hindi remake of the movie but nothing concrete has happened. So, it was very exciting news when a Bengali remake Yoddha — The Warrior was announced. The director of the film is Raj Chakraborty and I think the main role actors are going to be Dev, Mimi Chakraborty and Nigel Akkara.

I have never seen a Bengali movie before but because Magadheera is one of my favourite stories, I probably have to go on a little expedition to the world of East Indian cinema. The Bengali film industry has already remade Rajamouli’s Maryada Ramanna but I haven’t seen the remake (yet?) so I don’t have very good idea of what kind of remakes the Bengali industry tends to make. I’m not sure if it even makes any sense to try to remake Magadheera as it’s so beautifully perfect as it is that it would be very easy to just completely ruin the story. Even more frightening is that the director Raj Chakraborty says that they are making Yoddha within just 75 days and with less than a quarter of the budget of Rajamouli’s original version.

Now they have released the first look poster of Yoddha and this is how it looks:


While Dev is not as handsome as Ram Charan, the poster itself is far more better-looking than any Magadheera poster that I’ve seen, so all hope may not be lost just yet!

They also released the theatrical trailer!

The trailer is not really that terrible either. It looks almost like a shot-for-shot remake with same camera angles than in the original, but there are some interesting changes too: for example, it seems that the horse riding contest will be on a narrow mountain road instead of the vast desert. I wonder if they are making completely new songs or using the original ones translated into Bengali…?

I don’t know the names of the Hindu festivals very well, but If I googled correctly, I think they are planning to release the film already in this autumn. (Heh, it feels so quick after waiting for Kochadaiiyaan and Baahubali for so many years.)

Yoddha’s official Facebook page: