Where to find movies

Online stores

Finding (South) Indian DVDs online can be tricky if you don’t know where to look from. I have successfully bought DVDs from the following websites.

  • Bhavani DVD has a large selection of movies in the South Indian languages as well as in Hindi and Punjabi. They also have a few soundtrack CDs. However, some movies that show up on their website might actually be out of stock.
  • Singing Cinema also has a large selection of movies and CDs. They are based in France, so the delivery to Europe is usually cheaper than from Bhavani DVD.
  • Kannada Store is probably the best way to get Kannada DVDs. They offer free shipping worldwide!!!
  • Induna.com has movies also in other languages than Hindi and the South Indian ones. However, they use DHL for shipping which may be quite a pain to deal with, so I prefer to order from elsewhere whenever possible.
  • IndianKart has Hindi and Tamil movies, including some older movies that are difficult to find elsewhere online.
  • Also Ebay, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk have lots of DVDs and CDs.

Streaming services

It’s also possible to find movies digitally, but that doesn’t look so nice on the bookshelf.

  • YouTube is by far the best sreaming site available. Some Hindi and Punjabi films may require a small payment to watch but most movies are free. They are usually uploaded by the production companies or television channels. (I’m not quite sure how their business model works.) New films are more likely to have subtitles than older ones.
  • Netflix has a somewhat limited selection of Indian movies (with subtitles) but they are not available in all countries.
  • Amazon Instant Video has some new Telugu movies with subtitles that haven’t had a proper DVD release.
  • There are also Release Day for Telugu movies and Hero Talkies for Tamil movies but I haven’t tried them yet because English subtitles are very rare.

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